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Black Adolescent Pregnancy: Prevention and Management

Brave New World

Protest Behind Texas Teen's Imprisonment

Career Development for African American and Latina Females





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Welcome to P.E.T.A.L.

All that we are is a result of what we have thought!

Our mission is simple and very clear we are working to make differences that count!
We have developed the following programs that provide mentorship, improve literacy,
raise social awareness and education in regards to healthcare, sexuality, education,
etiquette and empowerment. See our sponsors, supporters and friends...


The P.E.T.A.L. Call to Action Conference is an annual all day empowering, educational event dedicated to broadening and enriching the experience of hundreds of girls and young women ages 10-19 years old. This conference brings together educational, medical, financial, wellness, social welfare, music and entertainment professionals, corporate friends, sponsors, community and civic leaders all dedicated to the vision of empowering girls and young women one seed at a time.

Our Call to Action Conference is highly charged from our morning sessions followed by all day workshops and symposiums that expose attendees to a variety of diverse information relevant to their biology, socioculture, economic and physical environment. Our Call to Action Conference inspires girls and young women to explore their thoughts, emotions, and ideas as well as provide specific tools, practical information and raise awareness that aid in their development. Our Call to Action Conference ends with our finale of musical entertainment and surprises to our conference attendees.


It is our belief that our girls and young women must be exposed to workshops that
will foster critical thinking, modeling and developmental shifts in the way they view themselves and the world.
Our principle of empowering girls and young women one seed at a time begins with
our emphasis on the four elements of human nature – MIND, BODY, HEART and SPIRIT. These four elements lay the foundation for the silos of our curriculum geared to develop empowered, confident, articulate, and progressive minds.


13 Principles of Achievement

College Prep

Financial Values & Accountability

Power of the Mind


Me and My Body

Sexuality, Identity & Myths

Wellness & Self Care


Family Matters

Personal Values & Social Interaction

Self-esteem and Media Influence




You and Your Subconscious

Social Etiquette & Behavior




What Our Girls Need to Know forums are designed to engage and educate teen girls on topics pertinent to their lives and the choices they make. Experts, educators and teen advisors in the respective field serve as panelists of these open forums. Teen girls and adults are given the opportunity to ask questions, express their views and share opinions. The purpose of these forums are to educate, raise awareness and promote healthy dialogue between adolescents and adults.

The Healthy Girls & Beauty Too Summit is our annual health expo and beauty summit where teen girls can obtain information on how to maintain healthy internal and external lifestyles through nutrition, fitness, and self-care.

WWW.PETALINC.ORG is our on-line website for teen girls to obtain information that is relevant to empowering their mind, body heart and spirit. This interactive community is another outlet that will impact the lives of thousands of teen girls around the world.

Our customized workshops We come to you! P.E.T.A.L. delivers workshops for girls and young women on various topics such as self-care & wellness, self-empowerment, social etiquette & behavior, speaking with confidence, imaging & appearance, relationships and more.

Contact us at for more information on our programs.

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